10 Reasons Creating Your Own Blog Site Is Smart

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creating your own blog site

Do you know how many blogs there are? Over 500 million (Source). And, you would think that with so many that world doesn’t need another blog. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this post I will show you ten reasons creating your own blog site is smart.

But first, let me distill the myth that blogging is dead. Even with so many blogs, there’s no way possible that all the niches have been covered. Or, that they’ve been covered from your perspective.

In fact, as an online writer you bring your unique style and perspective to bear on your niche. And, there’s still people for you to reach. In other words, the market is still wide open.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you need to create your own blog.

So, here’s ten reasons why.

1. You Sharpen Your Craft

First off, let me say that what I’m about to say comes from my own personal experience. In addition to writing my own blog, I’ve taught college writing courses for over a decade. During that time, I’ve run into countless students that struggled with writing, and I gave them this same advice.

The only way to get better at writing is to write consistently. It takes practice to improve. If this is true for writing in general, then it’s especially true for copywriting and content writing.


Basically, copywriting and content writing require some very specific skill sets.

What are they?

They include:

  • storytelling
  • empathy
  • brevity (saying more with less)
  • quick and effective niche research

In addition, online writing requires knowledge of SEO, keyword research, and eye-catching formatting.

Indeed, writing a blog can help you hone these skills. This is because blogging requires you to write content consistently to make your blog successful.

2. You Expand Your Knowledge Base in Your Niche

researching your blog niche

Undeniably, people want to hear from an authority. They trust someone that knows what they’re talking about.

And, as you research your niche for your blog posts, you grow in your knowledge about your niche.

Essentially, you become an expert. Honestly, it’s not like your going to forget all that you’ve learned from writing your blog. Your brain soaks up all that information.

And, this will become very useful to you. Primarily, you can draw on all the information you’ve learned from your niche research as you write your posts or for someone else. More importantly, it makes writing content faster and easier.

Since you have this knowledge already, you don’t have to do as much research. Not, that you aren’t going to continue to research because it’s always smart to continue to grow in your niche. But, you won’t have to struggle to create content.

Trust me- becoming an expert in your niche allows the ideas to flow freely.

3. Blogging Builds Soft Skills

Soft skills are the soft skills you need to work well with others. While you use hard skills like writing skills to create content, soft skills provide you the opportunity of landing writing gigs.

Specifically, soft skills cover areas such as time management, negotiation, problem-solving, prioritizing, and conflict resolution. Learning these skills improves your relationship with your clients so that you exceed their expectations.

In turn, exceeding client expectations provides opportunities for return clients and client referrals.

For example, as you write more quality content for your blog, you’ll find yourself getting faster at it. Now, part of this will be because you’re getting better at your craft. But, a huge part of streamlining the process is discovering the content strategy that plans out how and when you create content.

And that’s time management, which is a soft skill.

4. Creating Your Own Blog Site Gets You on the Internet

blogging equals online presence

Think about it- If you want to write content for someone else, what better proof of your writing ability than creating your own blog site. You can point to it as proof of your writing skills when making a pitch.

Even better, a potential client can discover you online through organic search. It’s one thing to pitch to a client and have them view your blogging site. On the other hand, you know your authority has grown when they discover you through search and approach you.

Obviously, it just makes sense that if you’re an online writer that your presence needs to be online.

A potential client can see your writing skills at work because they can see it on your blog. Actually, this is a great way to build a portfolio when you first start out as an online writer.

Ultimately, your blog will build your authority because people can visually see it. And, it establishes your brand.

5. A Blog Is Like Your Own Online Resume

When you’re approaching a potential client, they are going to want to know what you’ve published. Again, your blog will speak for itself.

Honestly, it’s more powerful than a resume. A resume just tells others what you’ve done. Your blog will show them. And, showing is always better than telling.

Incidentally, when you first start out as an online writer, your not going to have anything in your portfolio. But, you will by creating your own blog site.

Moreover, as your blog grows, you can highlight the influence of your reach. To do this, share your traffic data.

Simply, establishing your brand is about self-promotion first. Then, as your authority grows, others promote you. Consequently, to be successful you need to market yourself.

And, there’s no better way to do this than creating your own blog.

6. Creating Your Own Blog Site Connects You With Others

As your blog gains traffic, you’ll gain a following if your content is engaging and useful. Visitors that like your content and gain creating your own blog as social connectionadded value will return. In addition, once they’ve become a return visitor, they’ll share it with others.

And, the process repeats itself. And, that’s how you expand your authority.

Even better, visitors that enjoy your content communicate with you through comments. And, this is an excellent opportunity to establish a relationship. Likewise, this can turn into more contacts.

Simply, it’s the power of networking. When you connect with one person, you become connected with his/ her network of connections. It’s the power of influence.

And, this can lead to more writing opportunities. In effect, you no longer just have visitors, you have a following.

Thus, you’ve expanded your influence, increased your network, reached more people, and established your brand and authority.

7. Blogging Can Lead You to Bigger, Better Paying Writing Gigs

In the process, of growing your traffic you’re going to get ranked higher in search engines. As this happens, you’re going to draw the attention of the influencers in your niche (along with becoming an influencer yourself). And, as they visit your blog, they’ll jibe with your content.

And, they just might hit you up to write for them. For example, they may ask you to guest post. Or, they may want to offer you sponsored posts. Either way,

Who knows? Someone may even offer you a book deal. Many book writers got their start as bloggers. It’s happened once. It can happen again.

Again, it’s the power of internet marketing at work. Unless you have an online presence, you’re unknown online.

Having a blog opens the door to more opportunities because it puts you and your content out there to be seen.

8. You’re Continually Producing Contentblogging requires consistent content

For a blog to be successful, the content has to stay fresh. You have to publish on a consistent basis to gain and keep organic traffic.

This requires creative flow. And, this kills writer’s block. After you’ve been writing for a while, it’s easy to fall into a sense of complacency.

As a result, the tendency to rely on cookie-cutter writing formulas raises it’s ugly head. Consistently creating content keeps your mind fresh. And fresh content is the result.

Blogging requires engaging, useful content. That’s the mark Google has established for ranking. It’s mission is to make information useful. If your content is not engaging and useful, you’re not going to get the rankings you need.

So, blogging challenges your writing style. It forces you to create quality content. You know, the kind of content that draws attention. The kind of content that meets a need in your niche and solves problems.

Whether it’s being more creative with your headlines, or creating a new blog post template, blog writing forces you to see your writing in a new light. Then, you change up your content because no one wants to read 20 articles all written in the same manner.

9. Creating Your Own Blog Site Helps Others in Your Niche

Just like the internet rewards quality content, it also rewards helping others. Paying it forward really is rewarded online. And here’s why.

People trust those that lend a helping hand.

If you’re just looking out for yourself, you’re going to get overlooked. It’s true. The internet can be unforgiving.

You have to accept the concept of added value. Which is to say, if your blog content doesn’t provide added value to your visitor, then you eventually won’t have visitors. Plain and simple.

Yet, the reverse is also true. If you provided added value, visitors will return. Visitors then become followers. And followers, become buyers.

Learning the power of added value benefits your online business. Think of your audience first, and you’ll succeed. Especially, as the trust factor increases. People reward those they trust.

When people trust you, they’ll turn to you.

10. A Blog Will Grow Your Business and Make You Money

blogging to make money

Yes, I saved the best for last. Ultimately, blogging will make you money (if you do it right). And this can occur in 2 ways: increasing your brand as a freelance writer or by monetizing your blog.

Really, I’d suggest you do both if you’re an online writer to increase your revenue streams. Yet, there are many who only create their own blog site to make money. So, let’s take a look at both models.

If you want to grow your online writing business, then blogging is the way to do it. All the other reasons I’ve mentioned so far build into this last one. Developing your writing skills, increasing your niche knowledge, expanding your authority, and promoting your brand all increase your opportunity for gaining clients.

And, this means more opportunities to get paid to write online. Not only that, it can also lead to higher quality offers and raising the amount you charge. And, that’s how creating your own blogging site can grow your business.

Secondly, while growing your online writing business you can make additional money by monetizing your blog. In fact, there are several ways through which you can make money with your blog. For instance, you can make money with ads.

Or, you can utilize affiliate marketing on your blog to increase your revenue flow. Personally, I use affiliate marketing to make money by blogging. It’s a simple process. And if done right, it’s effective.

If you want to know more about how to use affiliate marketing to make money on your blog, read my post- How to Sell Affiliate Products on My Website. In this post, I walk you through the process.

I know, I’ve only mentioned a couple of ways to monetize your blog, yet there are so many. My suggestion- find the way that works for your blog. And, use more than one way to increase your income streams

Blogging Is a Must

As you can see, writing a blog isn’t just an option for you as an online writer. It’s a must.

Publishing content to your blog offers you so many advantages: helping others in your niche, providing an online presence, promoting your brand, increasing your authority, and diversifying your income streams.

So, really, the question you should be asking is not about why you should be blogging.

Instead, it should be, “How do I start blogging today?”

As for me personally, I started my own blogging site with Wealthy Affiliate. The training offered there taught me how to create my own blogging site. I also learned how to write quality content that drives sales with affiliate marketing.

To see how Wealthy Affiliate training helps you with creating your own blog site to make money, read my post- A Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2019. Clicking the link will take you to another post here on my blog that shows you the benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate.

If you found this post helpful, be sure to share it on social media to help others. Pay it forward.

Also, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I like the dialogue.

I wish you the best for your own online writing adventure.



4 Replies to “10 Reasons Creating Your Own Blog Site Is Smart”

  1. Hi Cris,
    I have a blog myself, but I never thought so far about the benefits of having one. I do it for 3 reasons only: money, social and to improve my skill.
    I really like your view about blogging, you gave me a lot to think about. Thanks for that!

  2. You have expanded on 10 very good reasons why it is smart to create your own blog site and start writing. I read through each one and found myself nodding my head up and down in agreement with your points. Most certainly blogging is not dead, it is just getting more refined.

    I mean by that statement that there is a need to create really useful content that people are looking for and will want to stay on your website page to read. I have seen a lot of sub-standard blogs out there, and on the other hand, some that really are great. It depends on the author.

    Most certainly there are many ways to monetize all that work going into a blog too. In fact, more opportunities than ever as people shift more and more to buying things online. I can remember when people were hesitant to add in their credit card details online (I am that old, yes!).

    The platform that you recommend near the end of your article is a good one. I can testify how effective it is to learn the ins and outs of creating an effective blog, and it has many other features too that will help the online blogger. Overall I could not agree more with your title that it is smart to create your own blog site. 


    1. Yeah, having useful, quality content is the only way that increase your traffic. Honestly, if you keep your readers at the front of your mind in everything you do with your blog, then you’ll always be successful. And, yes the internet is definitely expanding, which only means even more opportunity to make money online. Thank you for your insightful comment. 

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